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Volunteering and Jobs | Quicklinks

Gender requirements

In some situations communities will be looking to recruit a Co-worker or  Volunteer of a particular gender. While all communities uphold the principles of non-discrimination this need arises at times to preserve the privacy and decency of residents who require personal care.

Minimum period of stay

For Co-workers the minimum length of stay is often 2 years. This reflects the levels and nature of responsibility that you will take on in this capacity. For Volunteers the minimim length of stay is often 6 months. However, many communities, particularly schools and college communities, will only accept you if you can commit to a year or a full academic year. Most induction and foundation training programmes are structured for a year's cycle and start in early September.

English language skills

Many of our residents have difficulties to communicate in spoken language. This can lead to frustration for them. Volunteers and Co-workers with limited spoken English increase these difficulties. The level of responsibility you will carry require you to have a sound (Volunteers) or advanced and reliable (Co-workers) command of both verbal and written English language.

Study placements

A minority of communities will consider requests from social work students or other students in the welfare professions for short placements. These will often be of 3 months duration. However, few communities can offer the sructured professional supervision for such students that is often required by the student's university. Vacancies for such placements will be found in the Volunteer section of this website.

ADiA FSJ EVS schemes

Most communities welcome applications from young German men who wish to do their 'Andere Dienst im Ausland' (alternative to military and civil service) as a Camphill Volunteer. Communities also welcome young German individuals to join them for a year through the 'Freies Soziales Jahr' scheme. VIA (Verein fur Interkulturellen Austausch) and 'Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiner's' are frequent placing organisations. Only a small number of communities are set up to host volunteers through EVS, the European Voluntary Service scheme. For all these please see vacancies in the Volunteer section.

Waldorf student placements

Our regulatory framework in the field of work with vulnerable children, students and adults in the UK has made it very difficult to now have anyone under 18 and without the full programme of Induction training share in the work of Camphill Communities. Any such person is by law no longer allowed to have unsupervised contact with those in our care. Therefore only a very small and decreasing number of Camphill Communities in the UK are able to accommodate some students for their social practical. However, all receive an enormous number of applications. It is therefore unlikely that you will find a place. Those communities that do tend to accept students through existing personal contacts to particular schools or teachers.

Local Volunteers

Most communities welcome the help from local volunteers who are able to offer a few hours each week. If you wish to help in this way please get in touch with the community nearest to you. This website does not list local volunteering vacancies. Due to the nature of our work you will normally need to go through an application process that will involve confidential references and an enhanced Criminal Background Check.

Summer visitors

A small number of rural, land-based Communities with adult residents in the UK offer short-term placements for summer visitors. These are between 3 weeks and 3 months duration, typically between June and August. As a summer visitor you would normally be involved in field work on a farm or garden and be part of a house community. You need to be over 18 years old. There are always far more applications than places and these are usually filled more than 6 months in advance. Summer visitor vacancies are therefore not advertised on this website. Schools and Further Education Colleges cannot take summer visitors as they are closed for some of July and all of August.

Non-European applicants

If you are a citizen of a country outside the European Economic Area (EEA) you will require UK entry clearance. You can only apply for this once you have been accepted and invited by a community. As a prospective volunteer or co-worker you will apply for entry clearance with UK Immigration under the Tier 5: Charity workers route. To this end the community that invites you will need to be licensed as a Tier 5 sponsor with the UK Border Agency. As part of the information which the community will send you they will provide a unique Certificate of Sponsorship (a number) that you will need to apply for your visa. At the end of your visa period you will need to return to your home country. Should you wish to stay for a further period in the same or a different UK community then you will need to make a new UK visa application from your home country. Such a further stay in the UK may or may not be granted.

How to apply

There is no central application processing for Camphill Communities in the UK. Each Community deals directly with their applicants. Each application is considered on an individual basis and on its merits. There are no group applications. All applicants will need to provide detailed information including two confidential references and will be subject to UK and/or overseas Criminal Background Checks. Please use the Vacancies information for Co-workers, Volunteers or Employment on this website to select vacancies you are interested in and send your enquiry directly to the Community recruitment contact, ideally using the online enquiry facility of this website.

For Employment positions the recruitment process will be subject to the provisions of statutory employment law and regulations.

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